World of Warcraft



You do not want to make a long-term subscription to World of Warcraft but still play it? The solution is a prepaid WoW Game Card. Hereby you buy 2 months of playing time without a subscription and without having to submit private bank account information to the World of Warcraft. With a WoW GameCard you can easily and conveniently start immediately.

This Prepaid Game Card is a convenient way to add 60 days of game time for playing World of Warcraft. On the redemption website, you can redeem all Game Keys and Codes, so very quick you're ready to play. The World of Warcraft Prepaid Game Card is the perfect gift for all adventurers in Azeroth! After receiving your payment, you will receive your WoW GameTimeCard Code digitally and only have to activate it in your WOW account. We wish you a lot of fun in the world of World of Warcraft.